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Calvin Berger, a high school senior, is smitten by Rosanna but because of his appearance, particularly the size of his nose, he feels insecure. Rosanna just treats him like a friend but is attracted to the handsome newcomer Matt, who would like to talk to her but is inhibited by being nervous and shy. Rosanna uses Calvin as a go-between to set up a date, and Calvin exploits this role to "date" Rosanna by using Matt as his physical stand-in feeding him the lines to entice her. Rosanna does not get along with Bret, another girl, who likes Calvin and realizes that he has a crush on Rosanna. When Matt gains more confidence and thinks that he can communicate without Calvin's support, Rosanna discovers the deception. Matt has to regain Rosanna's trust and love, while Calvin realizes what he has done and that his preoccupation with his physical appearance led him astray. He discovers that Bret has been there for him all along and finds love.

Calvin Berger, a New Musical

June 30th and July 1st, at 8PM

Maumee Indoor Theatre