3B Costumes

217 Mechanic Street, Waterville, OH


May 30 and 31, from 7-10PM

Participants must be from 12 - 18 years old (or have

graduated in 2018 and not be more than 19 years old.


Please prepare a 2 minute vocal selection from a musical that best showcases vocal range. Music from the show is allowed. There is a short dance audition as this is a dance-heavy show. Please dress accordingly and bring appropriate footwear. Send all questions to Director Joe Barton @ jbarton22@msn.com.


Show dates are July 26-29, 2018 at The Maumee Indoor Theatre. Rehearsals are typically Tues, Thur, Fri nights and Sunday afternoons at 3B Costumes in Waterville.



Summer Youth Show