Please be prepared to sing up to 2 minutes of music from a Broadway musical that showcases best vocal range. PLEASE BRING SHEET MUSIC FOR PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT AS SINGING A CAPELLA IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED!

There will also be a short dance audition so please wear appropriate clothes/shoes for choreography.


Rehearsals will begin either Sunday, December 2 (2-5PM) or Tuesday, December 4 (7-10PM) when books arrive. Rehearsals are typically held Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights (7-10PM) and Sundays (2-5PM).  For this particular production, we will have rehearsals from early December thru December 18, stopping for Christmas and New Year, and resuming rehearsals in early January. A complete list of dates will be available at auditions.


No one under the age of 12 will be eligible for this production as there are no children's roles available.


Performance Dates are February 14-17, 2019 at Maumee Indoor Theatre. There will be TWO shows on Saturday the 16th.

Disney's, The Little Mermaid

Monday, November 26, 7-10PM or Tuesday, November 27, 7-10PM

Call-Backs will be Wednesday, November 28 IF NECESSARY.
Please note, this is NOT an additional audition date.

Both at  3B Costumes, 217 Mechanic Street, Waterville, Ohio